On the 29th of September 2021 I was honoured by the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa through my sister Dr June Bam’s kind and generous facilitation. June is one of the key people in the Faculty of Humanities’ commitment to actively transform its culture through actively acknowledging and engaging with the country’s indigenous peoples in a manner that accentuates the dignity they deserve as the reservoir of South Africa’s central heritage.

UCT’s San & Khoi Heritage Month Colloquium: “Unburning the fire” reflected the far-reaching impact of the work being done by June and her colleagues through the participation of representatives of the First People of countries including New Zealand and Canada.

My poem, ‘telling our stories’, which I dedicated to “Unburning the fire”, was translated and recited as part of the event by Pedro Dâusab in his mother tongue Khoekhoegowab, one of the endangered indigenous southern African languages. Thanks to June for introducing and supervising this novel idea.

This gesture of generosity has inspired and emboldened me to consult Pedro and June for guidance in my commitment to contribute my creativity to the campaign to raise awareness of our endangered indigenous languages.

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